Our Culture
is our strength

As a team, we believe in doing things the Komba Way! This means giving the utmost importance to diversity, providing flexible working arrangements and equal opportunities, incentivising creativity, sharing knowledge with others, building mutual trust, and ensuring compliance with universal ethical standards.

We strongly believe that being mindful of one another and collaborating together are crucial to achieving our common goals as a team and a business. Komba emphasises flat hierarchies–– which, along with our open-door policy, makes our business agile and enables the management to take better decisions and reach better results.


Corporate Governance

The board and its committees are one of most important building blocks of every company with a presence on the stock exchange, thus, their quality has an impact on the success and value of the company. We at Komba provide you with in-depth data on board and committee structures, independence and diversity compositions, and potential conflicts of interest.

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Executive Remuneration

Academic research as well as recent financial and governance crises have proven the crucial need of dependable remuneration systems. There is a strong and clear correlation between executive remuneration and corporate success. Accordingly, the global trend is heavily leaning towards more sophisticated remuneration systems in stock exchange companies. Our expertise enables us to help you through the jungle of STIs, LTIs, Clawback, CoC, KPIs and many more aspects of executive remuneration. Providing the necessary data and putting it into context will help your assessment and increase the value of your portfolio.

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Not all may go as planned, but many of those things are not as unforeseeable as they might seem. In an attempt to mitigate risk, our clients can also request assessment of irregular risk factors. Among the key data aspects are: potential legal and regulatory risks, legal investigations and proceedings, fraud and corruption, scandals, and reputational risk.

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Shareholder Meetings

Amongst the administrative and organisational side, we provide you with all the necessary information on Annual Shareholder Meetings, clarify unclear agenda points, summarise your rights as shareholders and also collect available vote results.

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Environmental & Social Risks
and Opportunities

Undeniably, the global trend in international finance moves towards more sustainable and more responsible investment practises. Sustainable investments have shown higher rates of return. However, the data in this field is often overwhelming and unorganised. Due to our resources and expertise, we provide you with data on: Social concerns, like child labour; the gender pay gap; forced labour; health and safety standards; and environmental aspects, such as climate change, biodiversity, water and waste management, emission reduction, and many more.

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Company Structures

In order to properly assess companies, comprehensive information on the respective companies is the first important building bloc. Collecting and summarising company information, such as articles of association, management and shareholder structure, group companies are some of our main tasks and services.

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